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What Kara's customers are saying

Kara provided us a way to continue our yoga practice through remote/virtual practice classes. This provided me a positive way to continue to find and maintain my center during this most difficult time with the same enthusiasm and joy she shared with each of us when we were able to be in studio. Kara's yoga is truly a place of wellness and happiness.


I started taking yoga with Kara about 6 years ago. From the start I was impressed with the knowledge and dedication Kara had. As time passed, it became more of a community for me. Kara is always so genuinely friendly and caring and each week I look forward to just “catching up”. Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and yoga became a primary resource for me, as part of my healing. I found that the gentle classes were especially helpful in my recovery as I underwent several reconstruction surgeries. Now that I’ve completed my treatment the all levels classes are essential in helping to build and maintain my strength. Of all the therapies that were suggested to me as part of my recovery, I found yoga was the most beneficial in helping me physically and mentally get stronger and heal properly! Thank you Kara!


I started doing yoga with Kara and her community a few years ago and loved it from the first class. Her style is down to earth, welcoming and inclusive, making everyone feel safe and special. The classes have been absolutely perfect for me and my body's needs. Over quarantine I started attending class daily (via zoom) which I hadn’t been able to do before and my body completely changed. My injured rotator cuff no longer bothers me, I’m much more flexible and my mind has been very calm. I’m also sleeping better than ever. Thank you Kara!